This is who I am


I am a father, husband, son, brother, and friend but none of those roles are reasons to include me in your project.  That said, these roles contribute to the man that I am, my emotional intelligence and my ability to create images that go beyond simply recording light to creating images that communicate much more

Photography is a medium that is a combination of technical wizardry and artistic expression.  The incredible digital transformation of photography has greatly expanded both.  The cost of the technology used to be a barrier used to separate professionals from amateurs.    Now virtually anyone can produce an amazing photograph with a cellphone.  Then the question is why pay someone to do what any kid off the street can potentially do?   It comes down to three essential elements, performance (ability), vision (artistic expression), and the experience of collaboration (joie  de vivre). 


B.A in Economics & Geography from Macalester College:  

M.A in Geography from the University of Georgia:




Information that you need to take the next step and include me into your project.  My experience has been that projects vary and size and scope.  I would be Interested in hearing the detail of your project.